The Modder

A little bit about the modder who has made this site. His real name is John van den Bos, he's from the Netherlands, and is known on the web as "Hellwolve". And, on this page only, he speaks about himself in third person.

He has been modding Morrowind for about two years, practicly since he got his hands on an copy of Morrowind. Since then, he has made armor, robes, faces and races.

If you want to know more about him, have questions about something Morrowind related, or if you're a single white female looking for a single white male, feel free to mail him at:

The Site

This site has been made, designed and coded by Hellwolve. The code contains both Java and PHP script, of which most is located in the News and Gallery page. It could happen that you happen to have questions about how I made something work the way it does. If that's the case, look above for my email adress.

The site is being hosted by the great, one and only Kayleena of Blessed Odity fame. Have a look in the links section to find a link to her main site, and more.