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The Dark Glass armor 1.1

The Dark Glass armor from before the time it became the Sicarian Armor in Atrox's Legacy. It's based upon my wish to have the same protection as regular glass armor, but the looks of good thief's armor.

Later, I added a cuirass with the same stats as the Savior's Hide as well. The very latest improvement is a better hood.

Have a look at the readme for more details.

The Death Dealer helmet

The Death Dealer helmet. A great stand-alone helmet, modeld by Zyndaar, textured by me. If you don't know which helmet I'm talking about, it's the helmet as seen on the Frank Frazetta paintings and on the following website: - Frank Frazetta -- The Death Dealer Helm

As always, check the readme for more details.

The Dark Brotherhood Attack mod add-on Version 2

Quite a lengthy title for an, in essence, simple mod.
This one makes sure that the DB will not start attacking you, untill one of these conditions are met: I only added the last condition. Please check the readme for more details.

The Woodstalker armor

I'd almost consider this one a 'golden oldy'. One of my first mods. This mod adds the following: Ofcourse you'll have to check the readme for more...details.

Hellwolve's male Dark Elf face 1

First shown in a 'show off your character'- thread on the official forums, this face got a bigger response then I had expected.
A group of people wanted it, and although at first I didn't want to release it, here it is. There's a screen of it here. This mod adds the following: Ofcourse you can check the readme for more...details.

Enchanted Editor

"This is a modding tool designed to do things that

a) you can't do in Construction Kit

b) are difficult in Contruction Kit

Its not intended to replace but to complement the CK. The CK hides certain information from you and doesn't allow editing of save games. At a certain level, however, master files, plugins and save games have exactly the same structure. The Enchanted Editor shows you the information at this level. Its not intended for anyone who isn't willing to occassionally squint at the screen and think hard, because obviously the higher level information in CK is more meaningfully laid out. However if you put in the effort you have complete control over everything in a plugin, master or save game, rather than the limited control you have in CK."

Taken from the readme of this excelent utility. The program has been created by Farren Hayden; I only mirror it.

Enchanted Manual

The manual for the utility above (Enchanted Editor), written by Farren Hayden. It covers the following topics:

General File information and operations Clipboard operations Navigation Editing records and subrecords Examples and Info The "Examples of use" section contains examples of use by yours truly, and many other good modders.
Download and have a good read, to get full use out of TES EE!

Full Glass Armor

As an sort of experiment, I created an Full Glass helmet. The result was pretty nice, and after noticing that I wasn't the only one who liked it, I added gauntlets, and packaged it in it's current form. This mod adds the following: Check the readme for more details, for instance, where to obtain the items.

Demi-Gods Masks

This is an oldie, a treasure safed from the Old Forums. The package contains the following four masks, each a modder's resource: Check the readme for more details on how to set them up. Although I've provided a plug-in to go with it, you still need some skill with the TES CS to use them properly!

RX31's "Dancing Girl" video

Recently (30-11-2004) a TES forum member by the nickname of RX31 said he had a new "Dancing Girl" animation.
Although (or perhaps because) I was skeptic, I offerd to host the video he said he had of it.

And here it is. Suffice to say I ain't no skeptic anymore.
Download: Kickdance.wmv

Atrox's Legacy 'Lite'

Here it is, Atrox's Legacy Lite. Nine outfits and one set of weapons. Enjoy.
And don't forget to check back now and then, to see if Atrox's Legacy has been released ;-)
This one adds the following: Check the readme for more details on where to find them.