Atrox's Legacy

The current project is "Atrox's Legacy", a mod which will contain all armor and clothing I have made so far. You'll be able to get all the 'goodies' after completing a quest, of which, for now, I'll only reveal that some things won't be what they seem to be...

The main reward for the quest, a mansion, will also be the place to get future armor sets by my hand.


It's progressing well, the mansion itself is being polished, as are the armor sets. There are only three things left to take care off, the first being the quest. Yes, you've read that right, this mod will contain the first quest made by me. Tied in with the quest, is the second thing: the system to travel to and from the mansion. Lastly, there's a lot of interiors and exteriors to be done.
For this purpose, I'll get help from a fellow modder: Korana.